Dear customers and partners,

in 2009 starting out with my collaborators ABEC LP, the inviolable principle on which we constructed our steps consisted of three main components:

  • Scientific and Professional Integrity on every step
  • Innovation Spirit and differentiation from competitive practices and market
  • Full respect of our customers, dreams and objectives by any cost

Compliance with these as easy and obvious though it may seems, has been no easy task.
The exponential growth of our turnover, the constantly increasing the penetration prices of ABEC LP, but also the creation of other highly specialized companies in the "family" of ABEC Group are for us the best reward that we have kept our principles and are the greatest reward and boost to continue "business" in a globalized and ever increasing competitive market.

Our strategic partnerships with Universities of Greece and the European’s Union as well as the scientific training of our staff are the indispensable keystone for innovation and growth of our services.

The ABEC Group and its members are committed to fighting for the interests of investors and clients who trust us.


Dr. Nicholas Chr. Kakoyannis

President of ABEC Group
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Athens Business Engineering Consulting - ABEC LP is technical, consulting and construction services provider.

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