LED Lighting Systems

ABEC is active in the sector of Domestic and Commercial Building Energy Saving with strategic alliances with major manufacturers in the industry, the National Technical University of Athens and collaborations with Universities of EU Institutions.

A significant proportion of energy consumption of an installation due to light loads. After the autopsy carried out by our company engineers, this consumption situation recorded with existing lamps and suggested, below, replacing them with LED bulbs, while calculating the energy savings achieved. In this way, certain types of lamps are proposed, which are the most economic and efficient and they depreciated rapidly.

Specifically in the LED lighting sector ABEC undertakes:

  • Full lighting recording consumption and energy studies
  • Lighting studies with specialized visualization software and calculation of lighting conditions (LUX)
  • Photorealism studies
  • LED lighting supply and installation and electrical upgrade of the plant combined.


Athens Business Engineering Consulting - ABEC LP is technical, consulting and construction services provider.

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