Licensing – Construction

Industry licensing

ABEC undertakes licensing and issuing the installation license and operating industrial and manufacturing units.

The company's experienced engineers undertake all necessary:

  • Electromechanical studies
  • Static studies
  • Production studies and logistics
  • Environmental studies

ABEC undertakes all necessary licensing and cooperation procedures with the competent services

  • Decentralized administration
  • Regions (Regional Council Approval)
  • General Secretariat for Industry
  • Ministry of Environment- Special Environmental Service
  • Forest Services
  • Archaeologies
  • ΕΟΤ

Urban Licenses – Construction

ABEC’s Engineers undertake urban licenses with the necessary studies, autopsies and processing the necessary services.


  • Integration in European programs such as the " Εξοικονομώ "
  • Legalization of arbitrariness and arbitrary buildings
  • Energy Certificates and KENAK studies
  • Electromechanical, Architectural and Structural Design
  • Topographic diagrams of all kinds


Athens Business Engineering Consulting - ABEC LP is technical, consulting and construction services provider.

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